Fearless founders mastermind Application 

First & last name
Instagram Handle
Website url
Phone number
Tell me about your business...
how long have you been in business?
Why is SCALING, Luxury level, or mentoring/coaching the next step for you? Please be very detailed here. 
What is going well with your business right now?
What is currently a struggle?
HAVE you scaled, Mentored, or coached others in the past?
If so, please tell me how it went.
Have you been Coached in the past? Or been In a mastermind program? If so, please let me know who with and how it went for you.
Are you prepared and willing to put in the work?
Are you currently offering any coaching, mentoring, or online courses? 
What is your big goal FROM THIS MASTERMIND?
Group Meetings are on: Thursdays from 10am-12Pm PST. 

If you are unable to make it to one of our meetings, it will be recorded so you can watch it back at your CONVENIENCE.

Do you understand this and will you be able to make this work with your schedule?  

Hi lovely, So you are ready to join our mastermind? I really want this to be a great fit for all involved so I am very selective in is chosen for this program. It is important that you are ready to take this next step. I want to make sure you fully understand that this is going to be a lot of work but so transformational and worth it in the end. You will be emailed if you are selected for the program. 
XO, Krystel Stacey 

Thank you for applying for the FEARLESS FOUNDERS MASTERMIND!

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